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Intelligent Hormones is a new company, set up to make sense of the impact that declining sex hormones has upon health.

For oestrogen and progesterone levels drop in peri-menopause which often leads to symptoms such as:
• mood swings, depression and anxiety
• weight gain and muscle tone decrease
• decrease in libido
• hot flashes and other uncomfortable body changes
• risk osteoporosis and cognitive decline

For testosterone and other hormones levels gradually decline in andropause that contribute to:
• weight gain and loss of muscle tone
• lethargy and depressed mood
• loss of libido
• higher risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease

By knowing your hormone levels, it means you can be ahead of the game.

You can balance any hormones that may be deficient through options that may be available to you, e.g. hormone replacement, exercise and diet regulation, alternative remedies, etc.

You take some blood. We give you intelligence on what’s really going on inside of you.

Our medical partners at CHHP in Harley Street will review your blood results.

You will then receive a plain-English, confidential hormone health report with recommendations for next steps to ensure long-term wellbeing.

Received our ‘do-it-yourself’ blood testing kit? Cool – click here to register your kit and receive the instructional video of how to take your blood.

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Our blood testing ‘tinies’ kits are supplied to us by the best in the business, TDL and samples are all processed by their lab.

By finding out more about yourself, you are helpfully taking part in a bit of research, too!

IHS was given some grant funding from Innovate UK to see if we could start to develop a product which could better predict symptoms and support health decisions for women journeying towards menopause.
IHS has extended the reach to cover men’s hormone decline now, too.

For women going into peri-menopause, we have a UMotif symptom tracking app to use alongside the blood sampling. If you are interested in finding out more and downloading the app, click here.